Don Kite

For Washington Township School Board

Our greatest strengths are our parents, our teachers, our administrators and our support staff. A vote for me is a vote to support all of our students and our amazing school community. It’s a vote for an unwavering commitment to high-quality and equitable education while ensuring continued fiscally responsible stewardship of Washington Township schools for the diverse community we serve.

Steady Leadership Our District Needs

I am a steadfast community servant and a committed advocate for our public schools because they truly are the heart of our Washington Township community.

Our schools welcome all children who walk through our doors. Our schools are where all our children start their journey as students and as citizens. Washington Township Schools have a rich diversity of students and incredible educators and staff, as well as a deep legacy of involved families.

I will continue to be independent-minded, ask critical questions and advocate and vote for policies likely to lead to achieving goals like eliminating the achievement gap.

I will continue to provide diligent oversight for the important numerous construction projects which have been completed and are ongoing in Washington Township and which have been made possible by Washington Township voters’ overwhelming approval of the District’s 2016 and 2020 referenda.

I will continue to always seek and listen to community input and make fiscally responsible decisions.



My vision is that we will continue to fulfill the promise of our District Strategic Plan which is focused on equitable achievement, hiring and retaining quality staff, community partnerships, and fiscal responsibility to shape the future of education for our students. I would also like to see through to its completion the important capital projects underway, which have been made possible by Washington Township voters’ overwhelming approval of the District’s 2016 and 2020 referenda. I want to continue to ensure that meaningful XBE (minority-owned) business participation in our numerous construction projects continues, because I am proud of being one of the Board members who pushed initially and I have continued to push the hardest to have greater minority-owned, women-owned and veteran-owned businesses access and participation.


I faithfully solicit community input and carefully study administrative proposals before I act upon the Administration’s recommendations. I, along with the others on the Board, the Administration, and our teachers remain self-critical and focused on student growth and continuous improvement.

Student Achievement

Chief among our current challenges is changing certain practices and providing the supports which are needed by our students who are not achieving at the levels which are required to succeed as they continue their education or become part of the workforce. In order to address these issues the Board and Administration have implemented a Strategic Plan, which is comprised of measurable goals rather than mere platitudes, and we have taken a number of other actions based upon funding from numerous sources.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

While our diversity is a genuine strength which dates back to the District’s beginnings, collectively we need to continue to do everything we can do to eliminate or substantially reduce the achievement gap. This of course is, as it should be, a major focus for the current Board. While we have taken a number of steps in this regard, including hiring a cabinet-level director of equity and inclusion, at this point we must move the needle to a greater degree than we have in the past. I will continue to push our important work forward regarding cultural competency and hiring talented educators, including educators of color, and by changing select classroom practices.

Teacher and Staff Support

Our teachers and staff are the backbone of our district and their dedication and experience translate into strong learning experiences for our students. I will continue to listen to our educators and champion our district’s proactive approach including:

  • professional development regarding social and emotional learning,
  • developing, encouraging and supporting professional learning communities,
  • holding annual recruitment fairs,
  • continuing to take a focused approach to minority recruitment,
  • identifying and supporting teacher leaders
School Safety

We have done a great deal to ensure that our schools are safe and we will continue to do so in the future. We created and have expanded the school police department while ensuring continuation of relevant training, implemented training for staff, obtained safety-related grants, and had a nationally known firm conduct a safety audit. 

Construction & Renovations

We have undergone and will continue to undergo tremendous change in Washington Township including the construction of new schools, the renovation of existing schools and buildings. We must always balance the needs of our community with the pace of current construction and future changes.  

Pandemic Learning Loss

We need to continue to address learning loss traceable to the pandemic and its effects.  We have implemented numerous significant changes including policy changes regarding grading and late work. 


The district must ensure we do our best to communicate accurately, efficiently and effectively to the families we serve. I will continue to be accessible to and open to meet with the District’s many constituents. 


Both volunteers and funding are needed to inform voters in Washington Township. My campaign is depending on grassroots supporters to succeed this November. Your generosity is greatly appreciated! Get involved and find out how you can help make a difference!

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